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Workbenches in the slot repair area need to be durable and provide all the electrical access needed to repair, upgrade and test slot machines and other equipment relevant to ongoing casino operations. Workspace solutions need to meet tight surveillance requirements, so full-extension drawers and open shelf area are a must. When needed, benches should be designed with components and paint that address ESD concerns.

Technical Electronic Workstations

Lista technical electronic workbenches offer a rich array of customizable features to suit any technical environment that requires access to electrical power. And they look good doing it.

  • Choice of benchtop accessories: greater productivity and efficiency
  • Built-in electrical power supply: reduces safety risk and inconvenience of multiple wires and extension cords
  • Incorporates ergonomic design: for easy, safe access with a minimum of stress and strain
  • Variety of available worksurfaces, including ESD: the right surface for the task
  • ESD grounding accessories, conductive plastic boxes and paint: create a static-safe environment
  • Flush drawer handles: improved safety and appearance
  • Customizable drawer compartments: superior organization and faster retrieval
  • Choice of drawer pedestal sizes and styles: customize your work environment
  • Easy-access leveling adjustments: worksurface is always level

Lista's Nexus accessory system. Equip workstations with the perfect above-worksurface accessories.

Electronic riser shelves. Integrated electrical power with ESD availability.