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Due to the electronic nature of components, parts and other items in the slot repair area, storage solutions – whether it's drawer or shelf storage – need to safeguard against damage from potential ESD conditions, while maximizing precious space. Drawer storage cabinets can be configured with special paint for ESD protection, and stand up to years of use by technicians while keeping contents visible at all times. Shelf storage must also meet surveillance requirements while ensuring reliable, high density storage of repair tools and components in widely-varying sizes.

Drawer Storage Cabinets

For general storage, Lista offers a variety of modular drawer storage cabinets that perfectly suit the slot repair environment. Lista cabinets allow users to wring valuable storage capacity out of every cubic inch of space. Cabinet housings allow an almost infinite variety of drawer height configurations. Scalable enough to adapt to future requirements. Storage drawers are full-extension with a high weight-bearing capacity and are cycle-tested to give you years of reliable service.

  • Unique drawer construction: guide track supports, and front and rear panels welded to the drawer bottom provide full dimensional stability
  • ESD paint and worksurface: eliminate damage to sensitive electronic components
  • Exclusive drawer suspension system: no one else can match our exclusive suspension system, featuring quiet Polyoxymethylene (POM) bearings, combining strength, hardness, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance, low wear and low friction
  • Full drawer extension: drawers slide out 100% even with a full load, allowing complete use of the furthest corners, easy access to all contents and full visibility
  • Two drawer weight capacities: cabinets are available with 440lb. (200kg) and/or 165 lb. (75kg) full-extension suspension, depending on the drawer footprint
  • Full-height sidewalls: 6 different full sidewall heights provide maximum use of cubic storage volume, eliminating wasted space
  • Customizable drawer layouts: partitioning slots on all four sides allow flexible subdivision for better item organization and faster retrieval
  • Convenient drawer dividers: angled top edges allow fast, accurate identification of compartment contents and accommodate Lista Script labels, as well as most bar code labels
  • Flush handles: drawer handles are flush with cabinet housing when closed so nothing protrudes, improving safety and appearance
  • Fully assembled: no carpenters or extra personnel needed to install these pre-assembled cabinets – just move them into place

Storage Wall® Systems

You won't find a more efficient or versatile way to add storage and organization to the slot repair area. With the Lista Storage Wall system, the biggest and smallest items can be stored near one another in a logical, easily accessible manner. Full ESD compatibility is available.

  • Infinite configuration: combine drawers, shelves and roll-out trays for the ideal item storage and retrieval solution for slot repair; easily reconfigurable allows future flexibility
  • Custom shelving and partitioning: custom design each section of the system to match the size of the items you're storing
  • Total vertical storage: 6 standard heights of up to 10' let you maximize the use of available ceiling height for more space-efficient storage

Full extention drawers allow access to small parts, even in the farthest corner of the drawer.

Unique roll-out trays. An ergonomic storage solution for the storage of larger items.

Storage Wall system. Configure to exactly suit your storage needs, from the biggest to the smallest items.

Storage Wall drawers. High density storage and total access to smaller parts and supplies.