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Mobile stations are ideal for slot repair activities. Fully-equipped workstations containing all repair tools, parts and components can reduce down-time on valuable slot machines or bill validators in remote locations. Secure mobile carts keep repair time to a minimum and keep repair technicians from wasting time and making extra trips. ESD protection is a must, as are full-extension drawers for open viewing.

Mobile Cabinets and Workstations

Adding mobility to your workspace/storage solution can improve the versatility of your workcenters. Choose a mobile base that will enable you to quickly and easily reconfigure your work area for improved operational efficiency, cleaning or the ability to move your workstation right to the point of use. Workstations include:

  • Heavy-duty casters: two swivel and two fixed casters with pedal wheel locks for easy maneuverability and safety; ability to lock down position when stationary
  • Full-extension drawers: on mobile cabinets and benches fulfill security requirements
  • Choice of caster types and sizes: select the casters that best suit your application
  • Easy reconfiguration: modular workbenches and cabinets can change with your needs
  • Variety of above-worksurface accessory choices: no need to sacrifice the many accessory options of our workbench accessories and Nexus accessory system

Versatile mobile workcenters are ideal for transporting heavy equipment right to the point of repair.

An inside straight. This paired mobile workbench and mobile repair cabinet can be parked together when not in use to save space.