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Chip racks need to be stored in drawers that not only fit the rack, but extend all the way out to allow easy visibility of – and access to – valuable chips. Drawers are opened and closed relentlessly day in and day out, so they need to be tough enough to provide a long life for optimal ROI.

Drawer Storage Cabinets

Lista offers a variety of drawer storage cabinets for containing chip racks securely. All-steel storage drawers are full-extension with a heavy-duty suspension system that stands up to years use. Cabinet housings allow an almost infinite variety of drawer height configurations. And they are modular and scalable to adapt to the future requirements chip storage.

  • Unique drawer construction: guide track supports, and front and rear panels welded to the drawer bottom provide full dimensional stability
  • Exclusive drawer suspension system: no one else can match our exclusive suspension system, featuring quiet Polyoxymethylene (POM) bearings, combining strength, hardness, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance, low wear and low friction
  • Full drawer extension: drawers slide out 100% even with a full load, allowing complete use of the furthest corners and easy access to all contents
  • Full-height sidewalls: 6 different full sidewall heights provide maximum use of cubic storage volume, eliminating wasted space
  • Customizable drawer layouts: partitioning slots on all four sides allow flexible subdivision for better organization of chip racks and faster retrieval
  • Flush handles: drawer handles are flush with cabinet housing when closed so nothing protrudes, improving safety and appearance
  • Fully assembled: no carpenters or extra personnel needed to install these pre-assembled cabinets – just move them into place.